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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

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History Of Computers

Evolution of Computer

Before we lay our hands on the most debated topic ‘advantages and disadvantages of computers’ it is important that we have a look into the history of computers too. It was Charles Babbage in 1837 who first coined his analytical engine as the computer. Who knew computers will have a huge impact from then on our lives. In this article we will look into the various advantages and disadvantages of computers and how it affects our life.

Today, the computer has involved in most of the areas of our life. Computers are making our lives easier day by day and are one of the essential part of our life. However, have you ever thought about the disadvantages of the beloved computers? Yes, let’s have a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of computers.

Advantages of Computers

Computers have changed the way of our lives. Nowadays, computers are used in every field, from local shopkeepers to big data scientists and  computers helps each of them to perform their tasks quickly with accuracy. It reduces the time, effort, cost and error rate. In short, makes our lives easier.

The ever heard disadvantage of computers is unemployment. Are computers creating unemployment to the society? The truth is, computers are not creating unemployment, however, it created thousands of new career opportunities (hardware technicians to software engineers) and creating new opportunities every day (eg: Digital Marketing).

1. Large and Reliable Storage Capacity

Computers can help you to store a large volume of data. Since the data on computers are digitalized, the books available in a whole library can store on a computer hard disk.

You can also store different types of files such as text, audio and video.

2. Connection with the Internet

Computers allow you to connect to the internet and help you to access the data available on the Internet, interact with people across the global  free of cost, share your files and even helps you to purchase your favourite food from your home. Cool… isn’t it?

3. Consistency

Computers are well known to do your repetitive and tedious jobs. A computer is a machine so the output for a task should exactly same of every time. 

Disadvantages of Computers

Advantages and disadvantages are two sides of a coin. Anything on the planet has advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s have a look at some disadvantages of the computers:

1. Data Security

The data stored in your computers are secure and easily accessible unless a system failure or a hacker stole your data. The chances are higher for these to happen if you are handling sensitive data on computers with much security knowledge about the computers and computer networks. When computers became famous, the Internet soon  came into existence. The Internet, though a good tool there are a lot of things going on in there. This includes the dark web and all the illicit contents on the web.

2. Health Problems

Addicted to computers or computer games? Computers can affect your health badly if you are using computers improper and for a long time. This occasionally happens to children who addicted to computer games and office executive who are using computers for a long time daily. Corporates and IT professionals are serious victims of the health problems caused by computers.

3. Impact on Environment

With ever growing technologies and fast changing computer gadgets, people are dumping their old computers and moving to newer computer models. Old models are being scrapped in minutes. Authorities have confirmed that the rate of increase of E-waste is more that we can imagine. Even though we have the concept of e-recycling the feasibility of that concept is still a question.

4. Computers don't Have Intelligence.

Does your computer have a brain? Yes, your computer has a brain (CPU) but it doesn’t have intelligence and common sense (you heard it right). 

Computers perform just based on the instruction that we have already written on its memory using various computer programming languages. The computer doesn’t re-check or use it’s common sense to verify the output itself (for example, if you teach computer 1+1=5 on your computer program, 1+1 will end up 5 for your computer each and every time you run your program).

Glossy vs Matte LCD screens. All that You Need to Know

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So, you have just decided to purchase one of the used laptops you saw online. Wise decision, as you can save money, and be sure that the device has been checked and fixed. But there are a lot of things you need to consider before you make the purchase final, and one of the most important features is the screen: should you go with matt or glossy?
Here is some information that could help you make the decision.
Similarity: They both use the same panels; the difference mainly lies in the coating applied to the screen, and of course, the effect they both have when you view the screen.
Glossy displays are more vivid and have better contrast, with more intense colours and better saturation. However, as it is very smooth, if you shine light on the display, you can notice significant reflections. This is why, sunlight coming through the window onto the screen can make the screen almost unusable. Unwanted glare can also be very disturbing when you work and may affect your productivity; or, if you’re watching a movie or playing a game, you won’t be able to enjoy the visuals as much.
Matte screens feature an anti-glare coating applied, preventing reflections, making it perfect for use in a bright room – regardless of whether the brightness is due to natural light or artificial. This polarizing layer is coarsened through mechanical and chemical processing, like multi-layered spluttering or dip coating combined with chemical surface treatment. This has the effect of diffusing ambient light.
Of course, things change with technological advances, and today there are several companies who manufacture glossy screens with anti-glare features like anti-reflective chemicals or silver nano particles. Still, don’t expect them to be as non-reflective as matte screens.
 So one way to decide between the two is depending on the room you plan to use the laptop. If it’s a bright room, a matte screen may be better for you, and if your room is dimly lit, then you would need a glossy screen. Again if you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors when you use the laptop, a matte screen wins the debate hands down.
If you’re a graphic designer, are into gaming, or watch a lot of movies and videos on your laptop, then it goes without saying that only a glossy screen will deliver satisfaction.

Today, some companies are even offering a half-way solution: semi-glossy screens. These are essentially smoother matte screens offering weaker light diffusion and relatively low haze; they still are not as bright and clear as glossy screens.

Mobikwik: More Than Just A Wallet!

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If you are a fan of online shopping and love cashback plus additional discounts, chances that you might have already used Mobikwik wallet or at least heard of its exclusive shopping offers. But if you still haven’t come across this impressive website, let us tell you that you should give it a try...

MobiKwik More than a wallet

Well, for those who are not sure of the benefits as to why they should use the Mobikwik wallet to save on online purchase, we have jotted down the below point and explanation to make you understand how Mobikwik is more than just a wallet. Have a look at the below features of Mobikwik wallet app.

Wallet recharge offers
Mobikwik allows all it’s users to grab an exclusive discount of 15% on mobile recharges, be it postpaid , prepaid, DTH or bill payments. Mobile recharge with Mobikwik is very simple, all you need to do is have sufficient balance in your wallet. Follow these simple recharge steps at the site: Enter your 10-digit mobile number, recharge details and click on “Recharge”. You can also pay using credit or debit cards or using net banking. All this can be done with just a click of a button.

Online shopping offers
Shop at your favorite online store, be it Jabong, Snapdeal, Makemytrip, Yepme, Redbus or more - Mobikwik wallet app lets you enjoy a minimum of 10% cashback on your purchase. The aforementioned sites are just a few where you can enjoy discounts or cashback offers on various online portals, you can find more such online shopping websites listed on their website. Yes, check them at website. Why do you want to overlook at cash back offers when you can surely get them.

Transfer money instantly
Whether you want to share your bills at a bar or want to send some money to your friend who is in need, there is an awesome option on Mobikwik app. You can transfer money online anytime you want to using mobile number or email id or the recipients. Also, the recipients should own a Mobikwik account in order to receive the funds you send.

Movie tickets
You don’t have to spend the full amount on booking your favorite movie tickets at multiplex nearby your place. With Mobikwik movie ticket offers, get discounts every time you book movie tickets. There is a flat 15% discount on movie tickets at Bookmyshow. So why not use this promotional discount code and save 15% on your movie tickets. Want to know how to avail this offer? Well, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Bookmyshow site
  2. Submit movie, location and seats details
  3. Now opt Mobikwik wallet as your payment option

That’s all, you will receive a cashback of 15% credited to your Mobikwik wallet within 24 hours of the transaction. It’s so simple and easy to use.

Cashback offers
Well, not just cashback offers on movie tickets, online shopping websites or on recharge, but you can avail unbelievable cashback on just adding money to your wallet. Also, there is something called 100% money back offer that the site brings to its users.


[TIPS] How To Reduce Your E-Waste

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With ever-growing technology and fast changing gadgets, people are dumping their old electronic devices and moving on to the newer and more sophisticated versions. With the latest gadgets being bought off the shelf in no time, old gadgets are being scrapped by the minute. The E-waste that is getting piled up has an  adverse effect on the environment. The metals and materials used in these electronic gadgets that are discarded find their way into water bodies and the soil. These materials are highly toxic and experts believe that they can cause serious health problems.

It is estimated that our country alone will generate almost 1.5 lakh tons of e-waste by 2020. Sound alarming? Here is what you can do to minimize your e-waste:

  • You want a brand new high-end smartphone with the latest specifications and you are willing to dump that old phone of yours. Why not cash on it rather than throw it away? sell your old mobile to a refurbishing company and you will not only profit from the deal but you can help reduce the impact of e-waste in a small way.

  • If you are unhappy with the way your old laptop is performing, why not upgrade it rather than buy a new one. Most systems have software that can upgrade to a better version. Many systems have memory and performance enhancing features. Computers can have memory and performance enhancing features added to them. Deleting unwanted data or zipping them can help save space. Further, you can store sensitive information on a cloud online and hence can boost your system's performance.

  • The next time you decide you want to buy a new electronic device like a phone thinks about buying a used smartphone online. You can avail great offers when you buy refurbished gadgets. You save money, reduce e-waste, and you get a quality checked product that you can be sure.

  • Make sure you buy environment-friendly electronic items. Look for products labeled with Energy Star or those are certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).

 Our planet is running out of time - you can do your bit to save it!


How to Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World

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Image courtesy of Yvonne Esperanza under CC BY 2.0

Netflix is one of the most widely used streaming services in the world, with millions of viewers either using it to supplement their cable TV service, or replace it altogether. For a single flat rate, you get access to thousands of titles, and arguably some of the fastest streaming of any online TV service.

The scope of Netflix has gone way beyond American borders, with versions now available in Canada, South America, Europe and Australia as well. However, it’s still completely unavailable in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and due to content restrictions in those areas, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
What’s the Holdup with Netflix Overseas?

The problem you run into with trying to get services such as Netflix overseas is somewhat split between broadcasting/telecommunications agreements and content censorship.

It’s no coincidence that the areas where Netflix is unavailable are also some major hotbeds for internet censorship. The Middle East and China in particular are well known for having very strict content filters in place for internet access, blocking sites such as Netflix and Skype completely.

These content filters are applied on the national level, and often come with government surveillance programs as well. For example, in China, they have their own version of Skype, which is heavily monitored by the government there.

Services such as Netflix are just too hard to police for content, and as a result, are often blocked entirely by governments with internet censorship in place.

Is Netflix Different in Other Countries?

Even in countries where you can access Netflix, understandably the content varies, and you won’t be able to watch the same shows you would in the US. Your IP address tells websites and servers your location and presents you with geographically appropriate content.

This means that even if you have a US Netflix account, your content access will vary overseas. Your IP address is the unique code associated with your wireless device that gives servers your rough geographic location. When you access content, it’s all dependent on that code.

Everything from the type of websites you can visit to what kind of advertisements are dictated by your IP address, and the information can even be used to trace your internet activity back to you.

Watching Netflix Overseas

Even with all of that standing in your way through, watching Netflix overseas isn’t too difficult. Even if you have access to your account, but it’s not the content you want, you can still manipulate your IP address to access the same content you would be able to if you were at home.

This can be done manually with the old school method of using proxy servers. However, this is a hit and miss technique that doesn’t always yield reliable results, and it can be tricky for beginners to figure out. There are a lot of complex settings to get into if you take this route.

By far the easiest way to watch Netflix overseas is to use a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network, and it’s a new take on an old favorite. It basically works the same way as a proxy code, only it’s automatic and much more dependable, so it’s great for streaming content (because forget about interrupting Orange Is the New Black).

When you sign up for a service plan (though there are a few free options out there as well), you get access to a worldwide network of servers. The VPN functions like a secret tunnel in the internet, allowing your web traffic to bypass local servers and instead go to the location you’ve chosen.

The software automatically hides your real IP address, giving you instead the one associated with the server you’ve chosen. Basically, it tricks websites into thinking you’re somewhere else.

What this means is that you can actually be in a place such as China, and by connecting to a server in, say, New York, get access to American Netflix. Your traffic is even protected from government surveillance with state of the art encryption, so VPNs are also a great tool for use on public WiFi where data security is always a concern.

Can Beginners Use a VPN?

The thing is, the market for these programs is FIERCE. Everyone’s selling VPN service, because it’s one of the most effective way to protect your privacy and access blocked content overseas.

That being said, they’ve become incredibly easy to use as a result. Gone are the days of setting up connections manually and diligently punching in server codes. Most VPNs set themselves up, and the process of connecting is as simple as picking a server from a drop down menu.

Even if you’re barely internet literate, you can absolutely figure out how to use a VPN.

The Basics of Unblocking Netflix

If you plan on using some of this internet hocus pocus to watch Netflix on your next business trip or vacation, make sure you plan accordingly. Streaming services such as this require a fast connection, and not all services are created equal.

Take a few for a spin with free trials, read up on some VPN reviews, and most importantly, install the software before you travel. If Netflix is blocked, chances are so are VPN sites. But once the software is on your device, you’ll have access no matter where you go.

So what about you? Have you ever been stuck overseas without access to your favorite shows? How bad were the withdrawals? Share with us in the comments below.


Spy on iPhone Text Messages without Jailbreak

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No Jailbreak
No Jail Break

It’s actually pretty distressing to hear that parents are spying on their kids with cameras and other creepy gadgets. But in reality, parents are doing what they can to keep their kids out of danger. Leaving your kids unmonitored is a pretty flawed idea, considering the rising incidents of online abuse. 

Kids want themselves to be perceived as “we don’t care” about meeting the status quo, or not giving a dime about how people think of them. And for that, they use social media as their instrument of communication. 

Kids want their peers to be jealous of the summer trip they had, the concert they went to last night, or the exotic lunch they ate at the trendy boutique bistro. If they are not posting these things online, how will people know how cool their lives are? Cool or not; with the frequency of post and tweets that kids are posting online, it’s just making them more visible and vulnerable to people who can harm them, physically and mentally. So a good way to start with your child’s online safety is to monitor their smartphone.

To achieve that, you can use an app link xnspy that can spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak and do a lot of other handy stuff too.
The problem lies within the belief that your child has that they are not stupid enough to make silly mistakes. But least they know about how even a check-in for Sunday brunch at the local cafĂ© can tell their predators about their location. 

Parents don’t have to inculcate the idea that they are spying them. A more positive approach is required with that, like telling your kids that their smartphone is monitored just in the very same manner, as a doctor would do to monitor their health. The solution, however, doesn’t lie just with monitoring your child. Educating them is also necessary, especially about the etiquettes of safe online behavior. But sometimes, it can get really difficult to get the idea of spying out of their minds, if they have been living with the impression of being spied.

Stop immediately with all those monitoring techniques that are a threat to your child’s privacy. They include cameras, or microphones and any other quirky gadget that gives the idea of ‘spying’ into anyone’s mind. The simplest way is to use a smartphone monitoring app that works without jailbreak, because if you are going for an app that requires a jailbreak, again, it would give your child the idea of how you are going crazy to spy on them.

A jailbreak-free app like xnspy can monitor WhatsApp chats, calls and multimedia from your kid’s iPhone or other iOS device. It can also execute other important tasks like giving parents information about call logs, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and contacts from the target user’s device. 

XNSPY is a fast and reliable way to spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak and for monitoring other important features of your child’s smartphone. 


How Dedicated Servers Dominate Other Web Hosting Options

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Web Hosting types
If you are a blogger or an enterprise or planning to have so, the first strategy for winning is about the performance of your website. Before planning to host your website or web application, you have know about the web hosting plans and categories. This article describes different types of hosting, its merits and demerits such as: 

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Let's start with the most common hosting type of small websites.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when a number of websites of different merchants or enterprises are hosted on a single server and all of the website shares all assets of the servers such as RAM, storage capacity, CPU velocity, bandwidth and so on. It has minimal subscription rates compared to other hosting types. The drawback of this type of hosting is, sometimes your website may not get the sufficient computing energy and your downtime may be high.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is a virtual server machine sold as a service by an Internet Hosting Service. It has extra options and performance compared to shared hosting however lesser that dedicated server hosting. Here one devoted server is parted into a number of virtual servers. However, CPU velocity is shared with all virtual server accounts. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

The third and probably the most powerful hosting is dedicated server hosting. Here you get the full root access to your server. You can carry out desired actions, install software add-ons, which is not offered by shared hosting services. 

The advantage of this hosting is, high security on your websites, files and databases, but expensive than shared hosting and VPS hosting.

Choosing the best and affordable dedicated server hosting providers like to host. ag will be a good deal.

Meet Alphabet, Google's New Corporate Boss

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The Search Engine giant, Google has just restructured the company and branded with the new corporate name "Alphabet Inc". That includes Google's all non-core, innovative products and business.

Searching for its site? Google or Alphabet doesn't own the domain "" (yet).

What Alphabet Inc. Includes

The alphabet is mostly a collection of companies which includes non core products of Google. 

The present Google CEO, Larry Page, founder of Google will be the CEO of Alphabet Inc and President will be Sergy Bin (Cofounder and present Google president).

Why Alphabet Inc

Google founded in 1988 as a Search Engine service company and now Google has become more than an Internet service company and own different fast emerging companies under their umbrella. And different companies need a different type of culture and leadership. Many be this is the reason why Page and Bin thought about restructuring the company with a new brand name.

What Google Today

Google is slim down to its core products such as Search, Ads, Maps, Apps, YouTube and Android and its CEO will be Sunder Pichai.

Dear Google users,

Google products might not change its product/brand names and the website is not shifting to (surprisingly still now, Google doesn't own the domain

Google's core business include Google Search, Ads, Maps, apps, YouTube and Android and related infrastructures. And all other products will report under Alphabet.

All Google shares will be automatically converted as the same number of shares of Alphabet Inc, with the same company codes GOOG and GOOGL.


Asus Zenfone2 Review

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"What features will come to your mind while someone asking you about your favorite smartphone?" - My friend asked to me.

He was introducing his brand new Asus Zenphone2 smartphone.

"Ofcourse, I need better performance (RAM, Processor, etc.) and better Camera.... Then... Storage capacity and it's good if it supports the latest version of Operating system.

The next question was, 

"You choose performance as a first priority... How much RAM capacity you are expecting for a smartphone below 22K?" - He asked again.

"Uh.. 2GB?" - Answered.

"2GB? Sajith, My Smartphone which costs below 22K have 4GB of RAM capacity". 

"4GB? .. " My mouth opened and eyes rolled out. (:-o)

"Hmm.. And the second choice is Camera quality.. Is 13 MP primary and 5 MP secondary cameras bad ;) " - Again he questioned.

"NEVER.." - My answer...

Even my 25K smartphone doesn't have these configurations. :(

"And Sajith, My smartphone have 1280 x 720 HD IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection" - Doesn't sounds bad.

His zenfone2 comes with exceptional storage capacity and you could choose how much storage you needed and the storage capacities available are 16 GB, 32 GB, 64GB, 128 and priced INR 15K, 19K, 23K and 30K respectively.

Quick zenfone2 specifications.

Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel processor
Camera: 13 MP primary / 5 MP secondary
OS: Andriod Lollipop (V5)
Storage Capacity: 16/32/64/128 GB variants available

A quick Google of ASUS zenfone2 leads me to promotion program of Zenfone2 by Asus named "India Unseen Project" which calls all Indians to take unseen pictures of Indian culture, Indian places or anything related to incredible India and best photo entries will a brand new zenfone2 and some vouchers are there for other contestants.  Participate for "India Unseen Project" here.

This all shows, Asus might make some revolutionary changes in the Android smartphone world. 

Hats off to the new Asus Zenfone2. And planning to purchase Asus zenfone2 now. 

Some Common Cyber Myths and Realities

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Most Common Cyber Myths and Realities
Cyber Myths and Realities
We are living in a cyber world and almost everything is computerized. And hence there are some myths also in the cyber world. Here reveals some of them.

Is Auto Run a Virus program?

A majority of techies believes that, the file "autorun. inf" is a virus program. We might have experiences like when we insert a CD or pen drive, someone might say, delete that "autorun.inf" and it's a harmful virus for your PC. 
Guys, "autorun.inf is not a Virus program".

What is autorun.inf?

Autorun.inf is NOT a virus
Autorun.inf is NOT a Virus

Did you notice when inserting a Disk or pendrive, some files (executable or non executable) open automatically? "autorun.inf" is the file/program which plays behind this. The file name which needs to be executed or open automatically is written in the autorun.inf file.

However, Some virus programs may write their names in this file and which causes automatic execution of Virus programs whenever you connect the media device. This may happen if you connect your media into a virus infected PC. 

So there is no problem for opening this file and checking which files have the permission to execute automatically. The majority of software installation CDs and pen drives used "autorun. inf"  file for running their .exe file automatically. 

Is multi OS makes PC Slower?

Another most common myth is, Having two or more Operating Systems in a computer will makes the system slower and this is not true. You could have as much as the OS on your PC and it will not cause your PC performance. 
Windows and Ubuntu
Windows and Ubuntu

People may think, if there is two or more OS, RAM (Random Access Memory) may be shared shared for both OS.

One Operating System is allowed at a time and hence PC performance, or RAM allocation will not be shared with other OS. You could install as much OS you need (with a consideration of Hard Disk space).

Did you know about any other cyber myths? Do comment it below.

After the release of HTML5 and CSS3 standard for the web, the face of many websites is changing as it supports embedding videos with <video> tag just as how we are using the <img> tag. 

YouTube and HTML5
YouTube and HTML5
The majority of websites masters is stopped using Adobe flash player and using HTML5 player instead.

YouTube, the biggest place where Adobe flash player is residing, is thinking about changing to HTML5 video player instead of Adobe.  
But why still YouTube is not using HTML5 video player as primary player is, lack of support for earlier versions of Web browsers (your browser should be updated for using HTML5 player).

Even though YouTube has released HTML5 video player version and users have to check compatibility and enable it manually.

If you are not satisfied with HTML5 player, you could move back to the old YouTube player at any moment. 

How to Enable HTML5 video player on YouTube

You could check the compatibility of your browser for  YouTube's HTML5 version here. The only conditions to be qualified for using latest HTML5 version is, your web browser should be updated. If HTML5 is supported by your browser, consider updating it.

HTML5 compatibility check for YouTube
HTML5 compatibility check for YouTube

If  your browser supports HTML5 player, go to and enable HTML5 player by clicking the button "Get Player".

Enable HTML5 video player for YouTube
Enable HTML5 video player for YouTube

If you are not satisfied with HTML5 player, you could move to the old player by visiting this ( page again.

YouTube with HTML5
YouTube with HTML5