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Low Volume After Windows 10 Update: Solution

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Having low volume issue after installing Windows 10 operating system?

If the sound is detecting on PC, even if it is too low, it might not be the issue with the sound driver or sound card. 

Here is a simple solution for solving low volume issue on windows 10

  1. Right-click on the Volume icon near to the date and time on windows taskbar.
    Low Volume after Windows 10 update
    Low Volume after Windows 10 update

  2. Click on Playback device.
    Volume is low after windows 10 Update
    Volume is low after windows 10 Update

  3. Right Click and Select Properties of the Default Device
    Windows 10 low volume issue solution
    Windows 10 low volume issue solution

  4. Click on Enhancement Tab
    Windows 10 Volume Issue
    Windows 10 Volume Issue

  5. Scroll down and tick 'Loudness Equalization'
    Solution for Windows 10 Low Volume Issue
    Solution for Windows 10 Low Volume Issue

  6. Click OK.
The volume would be increased on your Windows 10. 

What If Sound is not detecting?

If your sound card driver is not detecting, we recommend to download and install latest device driver package for your sound card from their official website.


Windows 10 Taking Too Much Time to Boot?

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Is your PC taking too much time to boot after your Windows 10 upgrade? Speedup your Windows10 PC today.

There are two ways to optimize the speed of your new Windows 10 operating system, and they are, 

1. Delete your old Windows version
2. Advanced Boot options

Read about how to speed up your Windows 10 booting.

Method 1: Delete your old windows version 

The first and most recommended method to delete your old windows version is, Click start button, and type "settings", Go to PC  settings and select "storage" tab. This page shows all storage related settings on your Windows 10 PC. Find the section, Old version of Windows and click remove previous windows version button. It may take some time to complete this action as it contains large files.

This method simple. You can do this by deleting the folder, "windows.old" from your c:// drive and it might take some time. This method is not recommended as it may not delete some files related to previous versions of windows (windows 8/windows 7).

Method 2: Advanced Boot Options

Type "msconfig" run box or in the start menu and click on " System Configuration ". Then go to Boot tab. This window will show you all the Windows operating systems installed on your system. 
Windows System Configuration
Windows System Configuration

Now click the button, "Advanced Options" button.

Tick the checkboxes, "Number of processors" and "Maximum memory".

Advanced Boot Options - Windows
Advanced Boot Options - Windows

And set their values (max) based on your current hardware configuration. 

Click Ok and experience the difference!


Some Common Cyber Myths and Realities

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Most Common Cyber Myths and Realities
Cyber Myths and Realities
We are living in a cyber world and almost everything is computerized. And hence there are some myths also in the cyber world. Here reveals some of them.

Is Auto Run a Virus program?

A majority of techies believes that, the file "autorun. inf" is a virus program. We might have experiences like when we insert a CD or pen drive, someone might say, delete that "autorun.inf" and it's a harmful virus for your PC. 
Guys, "autorun.inf is not a Virus program".

What is autorun.inf?

Autorun.inf is NOT a virus
Autorun.inf is NOT a Virus

Did you notice when inserting a Disk or pendrive, some files (executable or non executable) open automatically? "autorun.inf" is the file/program which plays behind this. The file name which needs to be executed or open automatically is written in the autorun.inf file.

However, Some virus programs may write their names in this file and which causes automatic execution of Virus programs whenever you connect the media device. This may happen if you connect your media into a virus infected PC. 

So there is no problem for opening this file and checking which files have the permission to execute automatically. The majority of software installation CDs and pen drives used "autorun. inf"  file for running their .exe file automatically. 

Is multi OS makes PC Slower?

Another most common myth is, Having two or more Operating Systems in a computer will makes the system slower and this is not true. You could have as much as the OS on your PC and it will not cause your PC performance. 
Windows and Ubuntu
Windows and Ubuntu

People may think, if there is two or more OS, RAM (Random Access Memory) may be shared shared for both OS.

One Operating System is allowed at a time and hence PC performance, or RAM allocation will not be shared with other OS. You could install as much OS you need (with a consideration of Hard Disk space).

Did you know about any other cyber myths? Do comment it below.


Chrome Cast is Now Available in India

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Good News Indians, Google Chrome cast is now available in India at cheapest rate (Rs 2999) only. 

Google Chrome Cast is simply a thumb sized Media streaming device that can be plugged on HDMI port of your TV and can be streamed your Android smart phone, windows phones, Iphone, laptop, anything your have to your TV.

Installation of Chrome Cast is simple and easy. Connect your Chrome Cast to your TV and you are ready to share your stuff from your smartphone/tablet or laptop.


Whatsapp Web Available Now on Desktop

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WhatsApp Logo
For the first time, WhatsApp Messanger, one of the worlds favourite instant messaging service on Smartphone devices is available on Web via Google Chrome browser as its extensions.

Connecting your whatsApp account to Google Chrome browser is simple than installing a software.

How to Enable WhatsApp on Web

Open in your Google Chrome browser and your could see a QR code and Scan the QR code inside WhatsApp messenger and your phone Whatsapp will be paired to your browser (chrome only). And you are ready to use.

You phone should be connected to internet to work chrome extent ion.

How to Enable WhatsApp Web On Chrome

Android Users

Open WhatsApp -- Menu -- WhatsApp Web

Windows Users

Open WhatsApp -- Menu -- WhatsApp Web


Open WhatsApp -- Chats -- Menu Key -- WhatsApp Web

Apple iOs 

Oops Not Available now due to iOs limitations.


Hide Hard Disk Drives in Windows - simple steps

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We can easily Hide and unhide hard disk drives in windows by using run commands. Hiding some drives which contains personal or confidential data will be useful.

To Hide a Drive in windows

1. Go to start -> Run. Or press Windows key and on your   keyboard. 

2. Type CMD as Run command.

3. Now type Diskpart in Command prompt and hit Enter. This command will start disk partition file on your system.

4. Then, run List Volume command.This command will list all disk volume labels on your computer.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

5. And, Use select volume # command to select with drive you need to hide. [Keep in mind, use the disk volume number instead of #]. Eg: select volume 0.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

6. Yeah! Almost done!. Now run remove letter # command [Use drive letter instead of #]. Eg: remove letter E.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

Your Drive will be hidden now.

To Unhide an hidden drive in windows

1. For retrieve and hidden drive, Do then steps 1 - 5 above.

2. The run the command assign letter E [We used drive E to hide as example.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to


WiFi Hotspot teathering via Laptop Free

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Creating WiFi hotspot is the best and most commonly used method to share internet now a days. This option which is called 'Tethering' is available in most smartphones also. 

But, You need to share internet on your laptop or WiFi enabled computers to other WiFi enabled devices? But tethering option is not built on most operating systems. You can do it by simply installing a software named 'Virtual Router Manager'.

The user interface of Virtual Router Manager is very simple. First we need to name our internet name and set a password for the same and click on start virtual Router. You may need to select which network is connected to internet on 'Shared Connection'


Branding Windows with your Name

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Excited to brand Windows with your Name?  Yeah, It's simple Now.

Open a Notepad, copy and pasted the below code and save with name OEMINFO.INI


Manufacturer=Your Name Here
Model=Your Model Here
[Support Information]
Line1=Your Name Here
Line2=Your Address Here
Line3=Your Email Address Here

Now, Move this document to   c:/winodws/system32.

Your Windows brand is now your Name.. If you want to add more of your details, simply add the lines on the above code.

Eg: Line4=Contact Number

Save the file. To know it is working or not, right click on 'My Computer' and click properties, On general tab, a button will be highlighted (support information) click on it. You will be able to see the new changes in your windows brand information.

Create Invisible Folders in Windows

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Hide Folders in Windows OS
Creating invisible folders in windows is a very easy job. This folders will helps you to hide some folders from others and to store personal data. ( Not suitable for hiding confidential files).

For this, First you need to create a nameless folder or make the existing folder nameless. Click here to know how a folder can make nameless.

Hope, You have a nameless folder else create one by click here (

Next things to are:

1. Right Click your Nameless Folder.

2. Got propertise -> Customize.

3. Click on Change Icom

4. Scroll a bit and you can find a space in the list of icon images.

5. Click it ! Enjoy your Invisible Folder. :)

Now you can store your personal stuff here.


Create Nameless Files and Folders in Windows

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The trick below will helps you to create any number of nameless files and folders in windows.

1. Select any File or Folder or create new one.

2. Right click on it and select Rename. Or simply select and press F2

3. Press and hold Alt key. While holding. type 0160 from the num pad. ( Note: Do not use numbers above the alphabets in keyboard.)

4. Press Enter. Now the nameless folder or file has been created.

 Here what happened is, Actually, A folder is created with a single space.

If you want to create one more nameless folder.. What to do?

Yeah! Simply enter two spaces. 

1.Rename or create new File or Folder

2. Hold Alt Key and press 0160 from the numpad. Release Alt key. Now do nothing. This will create a single space.

3. Now, again Hold Alt and press 0160 from the numpad and release Alt key.

4. Yeah! Press Enter and you have created second nameless Folder or File.

5. To create Another nameless folder, Again create or rename file and give three spaces.

Also Find, How to Make it Invisible.


Browsers not displays webpages after 8.1 updation

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The main problem arising when successfully update windows 8 to 8.1 may be with your browser. Your internet connections will be connected but your web browsers will not able to display any webpages.
Feeling trouble with problem? Here is a simple way to solve this.

First of all, press win + x + a or go to start search for command prompt, and run it as administrator ( by left click and select "run as administrator").

Click Yes. Now You will get a new black window like this:

Chrome Not connecting to Net after 8.1 upgradation

Now type the command in the black box.

netsh winsock reset

Do remember, while typing, type the command exactly how looking here. Small letters, space between h and w, same way, space between k and r. Else the command will not works. 

Done. Restart your device enjoy Internet with new windows 8.1

All Programs opening with .lnk Extension : Solution

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Recent day, One of my friend's programs and some files opening with Internet explorer and the extension was "*.lnk", When he called me, I just asked Actually what happend and his replay was, The problem was started when unfortunately opened an software/file with Internet explorer and also clicked on "Always Use this software" option in Open with Window.

When He asked for Help, Finally got the solution with this problem without losing any files or software. Am sharing solution for the same here also.

First, Go to  Run window by searching RUN on start menu.

Now Enter "Regedit" and and hit Enter.

Click on Yes if an Yes or No prompt comes.

Now Go to, HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Windows/Current Version/Ext/.lnk 

Now, Delete the Folder User Preferences and Restart the mechine.

Yeah Your are Done! :D

How to Know which programs are accessing Internet

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In many situations like, while connected to Internet with limited amount of data, we may need to know and stop which programs are using (Accessing ) our Internet connection. I saw that many people are downloading applications for this purpose but not get good results.

Here am introducing a simple method without any additional installations in Windows OS.

Steps 1

Take Task Manager ( by pressing ALT + CTRL + WINDOWS).









Step 2

Yeah! Now Take  'Performance' Tab on Task Manager and click 'Resource Monitor' button as seen in the picture below.

Step 3

Now Take 'Network' tab from 'Resource Monitor' window. The list of all programs accessing network will be listed there.
If you need only to show applications using Internet only. click on 'TCP Connections'.

You are Done! ;)

If you need any assistance or have  suggestions / opinion on above post, Feel free to drop it as comment below :)
Thanks for reading and sharing in Advance ! :)