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How to Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World

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Image courtesy of Yvonne Esperanza under CC BY 2.0

Netflix is one of the most widely used streaming services in the world, with millions of viewers either using it to supplement their cable TV service, or replace it altogether. For a single flat rate, you get access to thousands of titles, and arguably some of the fastest streaming of any online TV service.

The scope of Netflix has gone way beyond American borders, with versions now available in Canada, South America, Europe and Australia as well. However, it’s still completely unavailable in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and due to content restrictions in those areas, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
What’s the Holdup with Netflix Overseas?

The problem you run into with trying to get services such as Netflix overseas is somewhat split between broadcasting/telecommunications agreements and content censorship.

It’s no coincidence that the areas where Netflix is unavailable are also some major hotbeds for internet censorship. The Middle East and China in particular are well known for having very strict content filters in place for internet access, blocking sites such as Netflix and Skype completely.

These content filters are applied on the national level, and often come with government surveillance programs as well. For example, in China, they have their own version of Skype, which is heavily monitored by the government there.

Services such as Netflix are just too hard to police for content, and as a result, are often blocked entirely by governments with internet censorship in place.

Is Netflix Different in Other Countries?

Even in countries where you can access Netflix, understandably the content varies, and you won’t be able to watch the same shows you would in the US. Your IP address tells websites and servers your location and presents you with geographically appropriate content.

This means that even if you have a US Netflix account, your content access will vary overseas. Your IP address is the unique code associated with your wireless device that gives servers your rough geographic location. When you access content, it’s all dependent on that code.

Everything from the type of websites you can visit to what kind of advertisements are dictated by your IP address, and the information can even be used to trace your internet activity back to you.

Watching Netflix Overseas

Even with all of that standing in your way through, watching Netflix overseas isn’t too difficult. Even if you have access to your account, but it’s not the content you want, you can still manipulate your IP address to access the same content you would be able to if you were at home.

This can be done manually with the old school method of using proxy servers. However, this is a hit and miss technique that doesn’t always yield reliable results, and it can be tricky for beginners to figure out. There are a lot of complex settings to get into if you take this route.

By far the easiest way to watch Netflix overseas is to use a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network, and it’s a new take on an old favorite. It basically works the same way as a proxy code, only it’s automatic and much more dependable, so it’s great for streaming content (because forget about interrupting Orange Is the New Black).

When you sign up for a service plan (though there are a few free options out there as well), you get access to a worldwide network of servers. The VPN functions like a secret tunnel in the internet, allowing your web traffic to bypass local servers and instead go to the location you’ve chosen.

The software automatically hides your real IP address, giving you instead the one associated with the server you’ve chosen. Basically, it tricks websites into thinking you’re somewhere else.

What this means is that you can actually be in a place such as China, and by connecting to a server in, say, New York, get access to American Netflix. Your traffic is even protected from government surveillance with state of the art encryption, so VPNs are also a great tool for use on public WiFi where data security is always a concern.

Can Beginners Use a VPN?

The thing is, the market for these programs is FIERCE. Everyone’s selling VPN service, because it’s one of the most effective way to protect your privacy and access blocked content overseas.

That being said, they’ve become incredibly easy to use as a result. Gone are the days of setting up connections manually and diligently punching in server codes. Most VPNs set themselves up, and the process of connecting is as simple as picking a server from a drop down menu.

Even if you’re barely internet literate, you can absolutely figure out how to use a VPN.

The Basics of Unblocking Netflix

If you plan on using some of this internet hocus pocus to watch Netflix on your next business trip or vacation, make sure you plan accordingly. Streaming services such as this require a fast connection, and not all services are created equal.

Take a few for a spin with free trials, read up on some VPN reviews, and most importantly, install the software before you travel. If Netflix is blocked, chances are so are VPN sites. But once the software is on your device, you’ll have access no matter where you go.

So what about you? Have you ever been stuck overseas without access to your favorite shows? How bad were the withdrawals? Share with us in the comments below.


4 Tips to Make Your WhatsApp Account Secure

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WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp is becoming popular day by day. There are 70 crore WhatApp users and above three thousand crore messages are transferring through WhatsApp every day and the count increases.

Many people are using WhatsApp for transferring messages, videos and photos than conventional messaging platforms but unfortunately WhatsApp is not secure at all.

Here sharing some tips to make your WhatsApp account secure over hacking and misusing  from strangers who operates your mobile for any reason or hackers who tries to access your account.

1) Keep your WhatsApp application locked

By default, Anybody who can unlock your device can use your WhatsApp account, and, keep in mind that WhatsApp messages not only contains texts but videos and images too. 

Lock your WhatsApp account by password, pin or security pattern via secure and most rated App lock applications (there are lot of applications locking apps available on all platform).  

2) Review the Privacy of your Profile Picture.

By default, your WhatsApp profile picture is accessible for everyone who uses WhatsApp. That means anyone who have your mobile number can download your picture. 

You could keep your profile picture accessible only for your friends (here friends = WhatsApp users whose number is saved on your mob) by,

Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Profile photo  <tap> -> My Contacts

3) Think twice if you get messages from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp communicates you only via Email. Never replay back if your get WhatsApp messages on behalf of WhatsApp company. 

4) Always log out WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp has been introduced WhatsApp feature recently. You could read out article here about activating WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Web is still on beta and all security measures are not perfect on Web application. so it is important to logout always.


Hide Hard Disk Drives in Windows - simple steps

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We can easily Hide and unhide hard disk drives in windows by using run commands. Hiding some drives which contains personal or confidential data will be useful.

To Hide a Drive in windows

1. Go to start -> Run. Or press Windows key and on your   keyboard. 

2. Type CMD as Run command.

3. Now type Diskpart in Command prompt and hit Enter. This command will start disk partition file on your system.

4. Then, run List Volume command.This command will list all disk volume labels on your computer.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

5. And, Use select volume # command to select with drive you need to hide. [Keep in mind, use the disk volume number instead of #]. Eg: select volume 0.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

6. Yeah! Almost done!. Now run remove letter # command [Use drive letter instead of #]. Eg: remove letter E.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

Your Drive will be hidden now.

To Unhide an hidden drive in windows

1. For retrieve and hidden drive, Do then steps 1 - 5 above.

2. The run the command assign letter E [We used drive E to hide as example.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to


How to Set Master Password for Mozilla Firefox?

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How many of you know that, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome will display your saved passwords for everyone? 

Yes it's true. When ever you save a password for any website or web service, such as email, social media etc.. Your browser will save it and anyone who able to access your browser can see all your passwords. 

Here we are explaining about how to set a master password for Mozilla Firefox

How to See saved passwords in Chrome?

Go to Options, Three rectangles on right of your address bar. 
Go to settings -> show advanced settings -> on password and forms, Manage saved passwords. 
while click on each password it will show password in text format.

How to See saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox?

Click on Firefox menu -> Options -> Options -> Saved Passwords ->show passwords.

         Since browsers provides this facility, managing passwords is easy but probability for hacking is higher.
      So, providing a master password for your manage password will be more secure. Hence others cannot access this secret area ;) But they can browse internet without any problem. :)

How to set Master Password for Mozilla Firefox?

This is a simple task. :)

Go to Firefox Menu -> Options -> Options -> tick on Use a master password box -> Now click on Master password button.

Pretty simple na? :) 

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How to Delete Files Permanently From Computer

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We all are familiar with files and folder's on computer. We probably saves relevant files in folder's, Drives, or even in desktop. And also every OS including windows and Linux versions provides the facility to remove/delete unwanted files.
While taking Windows, the deleted files should not be deleted permanently from the hard disk. Actually it's a fecility provided by the widows ( other OS too ) to protect users missing their important files by careless. But unfortunately many of people not care such things or have no idea about it. And it leads to many problems such as misusing confidential files, recollecting personal files while servicing etc.
So today we are discussing about the ways to delete such files permanently. It can do with four simple steps.

Step 1

Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Run.
Or simple press " Win + R" key combination.

Step 2

Type CMD on it.

Step 3

Type cipher /W:C/ on the command window.

Step 4

!!Yeah!! you have done almost!. Close all applications you have opened and press enter.

If you have any doubts/comments on above post, Feel free to add it as comment below :)
Thanks for reading and sharing :)


Forgot to Log Out Facebook from Public PC?

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 The main problem by using public networks is to forgot to log Out from your mail ID's or from facebook accounts. This causes misuse of your various accounts from anonymous persons. Now Facebook introduced a way to improve your security from such cases.

It's an easy way to prevent misusing of your Facebook account by others.
1) Log In to Facebook, Go to Account settings.

2) Go to Security Tab

3) Click Edit of Active Sessions

4) You are Almost Done. Now End unwanted Activities. And Click close.

Yeah! You are Done and secure now! :) Keep Rocking! Pass this tip to your friends too via Us.

And thanks for reading.. Feel free to put your questions, suggestions, comments and other tips as comments. Help others too! :)


KeePass : password Safe

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 Version :  2.17
Download count [appx.]  : 12,000
License : Free [open sourse]
Operating systems :  Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7
Requirements : Microsoft.NET 2.0
File size [appx.] : 2.00 MB 
Downlad link :
Know more    :


123456: The worst password!

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is your password secured? 123456:the worst password
Password 123456
Now matter, How mach times heard about hacking and easily guessable passwords, Internet users keep using them. And if someone hacked, comments about the holes in security features..Ofsourse it's your fault when someone easily hacks or guessed your password.

Here is a list of common passwords, and these are the most stolen passwords by hackers. Ofcourse the most common passwords are, '123456','qwerty',abcdefg' or even name of life partner, lover and child. And also there are same kind of sone passwords, like 'monkey', 'letmein', passw()rd, etc...

Anyway here is the full list :
1. password
2. 123456
3. 12345678
4. qwerty
5. abc123
6. monkey
7. 1234567
8. letmein
9. trustno1
10. dragon
11. baseball
12. 111111
13. iloveyou
14. master
15. sunshine
16. ashley
17. bailey
18. passw0rd
19. shadow
20. 123123
21. 654321
22. superman
23. qazwsx
24. michael
25. football

The solution is :

Always use combination of letters, symbols and numbers eg'tech1efeed$143network'  instead ofsuch common passwords.  Don't worry about remembering long passwords. Use symbols and numbers which will not forgot and also with letters. And always type passwords than automatic login. Ofcourse, due to the continues use, passwords will not forgot.

Don't spread a common password all over the web. Atleast, use seperate passwords for important services linke banking and E-mail. Beacause there are many poorly protected web foroums [ some are using for hacking too].

You can also use password manegment softwares like keePass. which can remember your passwords, allows you to use complex, long passwords.

If you follow these, you will be more protected than the person who uses "abc123".  :)